How to Create an SEO-Friendly Blog

Tips on How to Better Optimise Your Blog


Many small businesses these days use blogging as a digital marketing tool. When executed right, it can be a great and affordable way to successfully get in touch with potential customers. Still, it is not all the time that these efforts can get rewarded. In fact, there are a lot of new businesses today that may find that their blogging efforts are not getting them the results that they have initially hoped for.

While blogging may be something that many small businesses these days are familiar with, what they may not be aware of is how there is a need to write it strategically in order to attract the right leads. Many are not aware of the need for their blogs to be written with SEO in mind.

Getting the content of your blog to be more SEO-friendly should not be that complicated. While the rules that Google have set are designed for the benefit of the online user, these are rules that are easy enough to understand to allow the writer to come up with content that is going to be well within the SEO-friendly boundaries. Here are some tips on how you can achieve this.

Create detailed content32.jpgMake sure that it is useful too. A blog needs to be good. This means that it needs to have content that is detailed and useful- something that is going to be of value to whoever the target audience is. Writing a blog just for the sake of writing it is definitely not going to get you the right results. A blog that provides insightful and fresh ideas will always have a better SEO value.

Use appropriate keywords



Audiences will always be searching for key terms and certain phrases. The moment you decide on what to write, make sure to identify which specific keywords you would want to use for your content. Once you have decided on them, make sure to have them added to relevant parts of the blog. Avoid spamming your content with keywords though as you are definitely going to get flagged for that.

Optimise images


Images that are high-quality and relevant will be crucial for enhancing user experience. Making sure that your images have the right aspect ratio and have the right resolution will be necessary to achieve this. You would not want them to be too large too. When they take too long to load, you are only likely to end up with unhappy readers since people these days expect sites to load fast.

Maximise social media


Always make it a point to distribute your content all over social media. Posts that are broadcast to a wider audience will help increase other sites linking to it. This is a good way to help build page authority.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Do understand that all of these things are not going to get you the results you want the moment you start doing them. SEO is a strategy that can take a bit of time to build up and for results to be felt and seen. At the end of the day, make it a point to come up with great quality content and the rest will follow. Learn more SEO-friendly strategies by reading about Mason Soiza online. You can also follow Mason Soiza on Google plus here.



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