Common SEO Myths that Should Already Die

Things about SEO that You Probably Didn’t Know aren’t True

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In search engine optimisation, there is some information that due to retelling, ended up losing their context. As a result, they ended up becoming myths. In the SEO world, these are things that despite having been debunked many times, still end up popping up again. Most of the time, they end up leaving a lot of site owners confused on what is really true and not.

Below are some of the things about SEO that you probably aren’t aware that is not true.

SEO is the cure-all, heal-all

When it comes to search engine optimisation, people seem to have developed unnecessary expectations that it is supposed to be something that should help address whatever is not working on their site. This means that they expect it to be the solution to why they are unable to better perform as far as their online presence goes.

However, SEO is not all that. It should be understood that while it can really help improve a website’s online presence when done right, it is not something that can get everything working the way you want it to be.

Content is everything you need

While it is true that content is very important, it certainly is not everything. It is one of the things that can really help you get a better ranking at the search results, you have to understand that this is only going to work if there is a presence of other essential elements as in the case of website usability, design, as well as having genuine and trustworthy links. Content is important, but it certainly is not everything.

You shouldn’t be too worried about speed

Wrong. In a digitised world, people expect things to be done faster. This is especially true when they are online. If they are posting queries on search engines, they would expect pages to load fast. There have been many instances before where users ended up leaving a site for another because of the load times. The same is true in the mobile platform too. Your click-through rate can be really affected by how fast or slow your site loads. So, investing in getting it to load faster is definitely going to be worth it.

Links do not matter

This may be something that stemmed from the fact that a lot of websites back then practiced getting links from dubious sources. While it is true that these links are not going to help your site, this does not mean that all links are bad. If you have links that were acquired through the proper channels, then they are very much of use to you and of improving your ranking. Just remember that for links to be good, they need to have legitimacy and topical relevancy.

Watch our video below to know more.

There are so many things about SEO that can be easily considered as true but are not. Learn more about SEO myths by reading about Mason Soiza online. You can also check out Mason Soiza on Crunchbase here.


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