How to Deal with the New Updates Google is Rolling Out


Google made the decision to launch a broad update on its core algorithm just last week and it is expected that it will have an impact not only on the appearance of web searches but on ranking as well.

Changes in the algorithm that are typically the centre of improvements on rankings tend to be tied towards getting the quality of the contextual relevance of a site and its authority determined. A broad change to the core algorithm though would indicate that Gogol is doing more than just the usual tinkering which usually means initiating an update or two on the algorithm as a daily average. This means that the tech giant has actually made a move where something larger has been changed right in the core algorithm and that it can have an impact on more rankings.

The algorithm update will focus on rewarding those sites that previously have been under-ranking. This means that the sites that previously have been ranking quite well may experience some push that may result in it getting lower in the process. However, these changes are not based on punishing the sites that are ranking poorly now. It is focused more toward rewarding the sites that deserve it, based on the estimations that Google made.

In the past, Google discloses the nature of the updates that it is implementing with its algorithm. However, it has taken a different path this time and it rarely does acknowledge any update anymore. Google has decided to give less and less information over the years. It is important to remember though that the change may be related to the mobile-first index that the company rolled out earlier. But knowing what to do in light of these new developments is important if you are o keep a good site ranking.

Get the impact analysed

A very important question for digital marketers is to determine whether the update is going to impact the organic search performance of the site. This can be found either in web analytics and in rank tracking. If your site has experienced a change in performance after the update has been rolled out then it will be easier for you to tell if you have been affected or not.

Recovering from this is not as easy as finding a fix though. If you have not done anything wrong and you have been punished, then there is really no way for you to get your search geared towards a strategy in search engine optimisation that might address anything specific.

The most important thing to remember is to always do things right. This includes getting everything optimised not only from the user experience of the page to the way it is coded to even improving its on-page copy. Also, remember that things are not always going to have an immediate impact. You have to handle things with the long-term in mind.

 Watch the video below to learn more.

Also, it does not hurt to be aware of the psychographics, demographics, behaviour on your site, and the online behaviour of your customers. Learn more about the SEO strategies by reading about Mason Soiza online. You can also like and follow Mason Soiza on Facebook here.


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